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when did we get here, hmm?

wow. what an absolute crazy time/year it has been. after one HELLuva roller coaster opening during COVID and losing our instagram account for 3 months we made it to our one year anniversary and then some! all thanks to the love and support of our followers and guests who've helped us spread the magic of kouign café. THANK YOU!

so many things have happened in such a short time and we are truuuuuuly honoured and blessed to have been featured in the Globe and Mail, Air Canada's En Route Magazine, AND to have received the 2021 Critic's Choice Award for THE WHITE RABBIT in the 13th Annual Chinese Restaurant Awards! yyyyyaaaaaaaaasssss~

words can't even begin to describe how appreciative my team and I are for the support and recognition that has come our way. as difficult and challenging as it is being in this industry during these times, these accolades along with the love, support, and appreciation from our patrons truly makes every second of it worth while.

we are so excited to still be in business and to be SEEN for the work that we do. COVID may have changed the way we are forced to do business, but it certainly has not changed the passion to pursue a dream, and to survive beyond the roadblocks that we face.

so much gratitude for all who believe in the magic of Kouign Café and for the opportunity to continue to do what we love doing so so very much.

see you in Wonderland, my loves!




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